FC and RPM

Ariane Zurcher has given me permission to reblog her post on Facilitated Communication and Rapid Prompting Method. Although both my boys and I can speak I like to promote awareness and acceptance of other peoples experiences with autism and Ariane wrote an exceptional account of methods to assist people who are unable to speak to communicate through the typed word and on the importance of presumption of competence, which follows here:

Emma's Hope Book

Both facilitated communication (FC) and Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) while different in practice, are based in a presumption of competence and both are a bridge to the common goal of independent communication.  It bears repeating – the eventual goal for both is independence.  And yet they are both criticized.  In fact, no matter what the initial method used to learn to type by non-speaking, Autistic people who have gone on to type independently, people like Carly Fleischmann, Tito Mukhopadhyay, Sue Rubin, Jamie Burke, Ido Kedar and so many others, there are those who continue to question the authorship of their words.  Even though no one touches them as they type.  Even though there is no physical contact of any kind as they write.  Even though they all talk about the issues they must contend with on a daily basis, things that are specific to them and the challenges they face with a mind…

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