My last blog post (at least for a long while)

This is my last blog post. Today, I did not wake up knowing that. I just decided in a moment that I had written enough. That is how I make most of my decisions. I think it and I do it, there is no research or rhyme to it, I don’t fluff about. Of course, people who care about me can find this frustrating as they don’t get any warning (and I haven’t asked for anyone’s opinion).

I knew the blog would end sometime soon because I don’t want to write about what we do every day. ‘I got in the car and I drove to the supermarket’ is just no fun at all. I just wanted to spew all the accumulated stories, knowledge and concepts on autism out of my head so that it was free to think of other things. I’ve also been thinking of all the other things that I could be doing instead of blogging for a while now. For example, it’s about time I started doing more exercise, it’s good for my mental health (especially during winter when gray skies impact upon my mood). Like I said, this is my last blog post.

I was going to write about abdominal migraines and the world’s most enormous and poorly timed vomit but will the world benefit from that. I doubt it. Click here for some valuable information that I found on migraines, especially if you get headaches, stomach pains or vomiting (maybe it’s not ‘irritable bowel syndrome’ after all).

There have been ‘ups and downs’ but you don’t know about any of them. Oh, how I have judged myself harshly with this blog, trying to guess how people have perceived what I was writing. Ah social anxiety, you are so much fun. In my mind I was too honest, too weird, too boring, not anonymous enough for my family’s sake, not enough of an autistic advocate, too much of an autistic advocate.

Oh, how I love to quit things. I can blame the ‘ups and downs’ on something else now.

So to end my blogging adventure, I will list what I consider my most informative* posts here:

Autistic Traits and Ability

I Like People

The Stigma of Parenting

Autism and Sensitivity

Diagnosis and labels

Functioning labels

Shame and the Unwanted Identity

Strategies: Communication and Behaviour

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Anxiety: Avoid or Enable?

Why I am so Socially Awkward

Advocating for Your Child



The Myth of Mental Illness and Violence


A Popular Organisation to Avoid

In addition, the blog site below has a superb list of other blogs and organisations that are autism friendly:

*I hope you have also enjoyed some of my lighter, more entertaining posts. They were fun to write 🙂


6 thoughts on “My last blog post (at least for a long while)

  1. I am devastated!
    I love (d) your blog!! I’m sad I didn’t comment more often ☹
    Life is extremely full at the moment and it felt like I wasn’t missing as much as I am in other parts of my life…
    I’ll need to call more!

  2. Hey Jane,

    There was no need from my perspective for you to comment more because I knew you liked it. I guess I kind of thought that those who loved it did so because they actually personally knew and loved my boys (and I). I knew I had a family following and a few steadfast fb friend supporters that knew my boys through fb etc.

    To be honest (I’m great at being painfully honest), I was terrified of comments because sure you get good ones but you are also just likely to get criticism too especially from those that misinterpret or just plain disagree (especially from people who don’t know you). I actually disabled the comments section from some earlier posts even though I hadn’t received any criticism and have only become brave enough to allow comments recently. Blogging has been anxiety-provoking for me.

    I was only going to blog for as long as I thought that I could keep it valuable and interesting but also there was the feeling that I was not spending as much time with other aspects of my life that I wanted to.
    I’ve never been able to multitask well because I get so absorbed in everything I do. I wanted to shift my focus back to living life instead of writing about life but I am happy with what I have achieved with blogging. Can you retrospectively put something on your bucket list? Haha

    Focus on the positive, that without your prompting I would never have thought to start blogging (some instead of none).

    P.S. We are coming to visit this weekend and I will be footloose and fancy -free instead of thinking about what and when I’ll be writing next 🙂

    Love Rachel

  3. …and judging by the responses of my sisters to ceasing the blog, it seems that you must have been getting something from my blogs that you didn’t get from me in person.

    Written communication is so much easier for me. I do subconsciously seem to assume that everyone just knows what is going on in my life even though it makes no sense to assume such things.

    Conversation moves so fast that by the time I have thought of something relevant to say the moment has past. Many times there is so much relevant information that just never seems to register as being relevant for me to share with others until I’ve given it hours of thought and analysis.

    What I’m trying to get at is that I don’t intentionally exclude people from my usual communications, my usual communications limit my ability to connect with others. So I guess removing this form of communication, will result in you losing something from me and our family, so being sad about it is completely logical.

    The next step is accepting the return to my imperfect everyday multi-tasked communication. The second-best me. I know that you know that is still bloody awesome bahahaha

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